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Las Cruces, NM


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Las Cruces Restaurants, Dining in Las Cruces

B= Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

Abraham's Bank Tower Restaurant
500 South Main Street #434, 523-5911
American: B L

Andele Restaurant
2184 South Highway 28, 526-9631
Mexican: L D

The Bean
201 1 Avenida De Mesilla, 523-0560

Big Chair Cafe
2701 West Picacho Avenue #1, 527-0098
Deli, Sandwiches: B L

Bob's Burgers
1420 El Paseo Road, 526-1523
Hamburgers, Mexican: L D

Border Cafe
201 East University Avenue, 526-4411
Mexican: L

Bountiful Bakery
3050 East Lohman, 532-6886
Sandwiches, Breads, Soups: B L D

Bravo's Cafe
3205 South Main Street, 526-8604
Mexican: B L D

Burger Nook
1204 East Madrid Avenue, 523-9806
Burgers: L D

Cafe Don Felix
2410 Calle De Parian, 527-0008
Mexican: L D

Carillo's Cafe
330 South Church, 523-9913
Mexican: L D

Casa De Menudo
1103 South Solano Drive, 525-1280
Mexican: L D

Casa Luna Italian Restaurant
1340 East Lohman Avenue, 523-0111
Italian: L D

Cattlemen's Steakhouse
4401 North Main Street, 382-9051
Steakhouse: D

Cha Chi's Restaurant
2460 South Locust Street #A, 522-7322
Mexican: B L D

1750 North Solano Dr, 541-9002
Mexican: B L

405 South Valley Drive, 5264184
Mexican: B L D

3850 Foothills Road, 5321104
Mexican: B L D

Chinese Kitchen
1720 South Telshor Blvd #C, 521-3802
Chinese: L D

Chinese Phoenix
1202 East Madrid Avenue, 541-5773
Chinese: L D

Chope's Restaurant
Hwy 28 In La Mesa, 233-3420
Mexican: L D

Ciros Mexican Restaurant
160 West Picacho Avenue, 541-0341
Mexican: B L D

Corner Deli
2139 North Main, 5234045
Sandwiches: B L D

Las Cruces Airport Off 1-10, 525-0500
Burgers, Mexican: B L, Friday Fish Fry Noon-6:30 PM

Day's Hamburgers
Water & Las Cruces Street, 523-8665
Burgers: L D

Dick's Cafe
2000 Hwy 292, 5253858
Mexican: B L D

Dick's Cafe
2305 South Valley Drive, 524-1360
Mexican and Burgers: B L D

Dion's Pizza
3890 East Lohman, 521-3434
Pizza: L D

Don Cornelio's
420 Avenida De Mesilla, 523-4881
Mexican: B L D

Double Eagle
2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700
Southwestern: L D

Durango Bagel
2460 South Locust Street,522-3397
Bagels and Sandwiches: B L 

1210 El Paseo Road, 525- 8116
Chinese: L D

Eddie's Bar & Grill
901 Avenida De Mesilla, 524-8603
Pub Food, American and Southwestern: B L D

El Camino Real Restaurante
1765 South Main Street, 524-8591
Mexican: B L D

El Comedor
2190 Avenida De Mesilla, 524-7002
Mexican: B L D

El Ranchero
2605 South Espina Street, 532-0790
Southwestern and Steakhouse: L D

El Sombrero Patio Cafe
363 South Espina Street, 524-9911
Mexican: L D

Elo Dia's Mexican Food
3530 Foothills Road, 522-0045
Mexican: B L D

16320 1-10, 233-5709

Escondido Restaurant
1405 West Picacho Avenue, 541-9441
Mexican and American: B L D

Escondido Two
930 El Paseo, 525-0404
Mexican and American: B L D

Estrella Del Mar
150 South Solano Drive, 541-9719
Mexican: L D

3499 Foothills Road, 5220466
Pizza, Burgers, American and Mexican: L D

Five Brothers Chinese
1001 East University Ave #C1, 532-6208
Chinese: L D

Flying P Cattle Co
12440 Baylor Peak Road, 382-9802
Steak: D Fri, Sat

Fork In The Road
202 North Motel Blvd, 527-7400
Buffet: B L D

Gadsden Purchase
1300 Avenida De Mesilla, 525-3000
American, Sandwiches: B L D

Garduno's of Mexico
500 Telshor Blvd, 521-7222
Mexican: L D and Sunday Brunch

Golden China Restaurant
504 East Amador Avenue, 525-2163
Chinese: L D

Good Luck Cafe
1507 South Solano, 521-3867
Mexican Seafood B L Early D

Grandy's Restaurant
1345 El Paseo Road, 526-4803
American/ Southern: B L D

Guacamole's Outdoor Eatery
3995 West Picacho Avenue, 525-9115
Burgers and Hawaiian: L

Heart's Delight Cafe
3111 South Main, 525-0520
American: B L

Hiebert's Fine Foods
525 East Madrid Avenue #7, 524-0451
American: B L D

High Desert Brewing Company
1201 West Hadley Avenue, 525-6752
Brew Pub: L D

International Delights
1245 El Paseo Road, 647-5956
Greek and International: B L D

Java Junkie Cafe
850 North Telshor Blvd, 522-0730
Coffeehouse, Sandwiches: B L D

Johnny Carino's Italian Bistro
510 South Telshor Blvd, 522-1400
Italian: L D

Jose Murphy's
1001 L Amador (Inside Sun Lanes), 541-4064
Mexican, American: L D

Joy Luck Chinese Restaurant
3530 Foothills Rd #M, 532-0157
Chinese: L D

Keva Juice
1001 East University, 5224133

600 East Amador Avenue, 5278206
Mexican, Southwestern and American: B L D

L&L Steak Co
2265 South Main Street, 647-2197
Steaks, Sandwiches: L D

La Cocina
204 Conway Avenue, 5243909
Mexican: B L D

La Fuente
1710 South Espina Street, 5262783
Mexican: B L D

La Mexicana Tortilleria
1300 North Solano Dr, 541-9617
Mexican: B L D

La Morenita
300 North Downtown Mall, 522-0045
Mexican: B L D (D Wed-Sat Only)

La Posta Restaurant De Mesilla
2410 Calle De San Albino, 524-3524
Mexican and Steakhouse: L D

Las Trancas
1008 South Solano Drive, 524-1430
Mexican: L D

2540 El Paseo Road, 523-8778
Thai: L D

Lohman Delimex
605 East Lohman, 526-1045
Deli, Mexican: B L D

Lorenzo's Cafe Italiano
741 North Alameda Blvd, 524-2850
Italian and Pizza: L

1703 Calle De Mercade, 525-3170
Italian and Pizza: L D

1753 East University Avenue, 521-3505
Italian and Pizza: L D

Lohman & Roadrunner Pkwy, 522-7755
Italian and Pizza: L D

Los Compas Cafe
8111 North Main Street, 382-2025
Mexican: B L D

Los Compas
603 South Nevarez Street, 523-1778
Mexican: B L D

Los Mariachis
2790 Avenida De Mesilla, 523-7058
Mexican: B L D

Los Portales
207 East Lohman Avenue, 541-0399
Mexican: B L D

Main Java Cafe
939 North Main, 526-9911
Coffeehouse: B L

Maria Bonita
207 East Lohman, 541-5580
Mexican: B L D

Mesilla Valley Kitchen
2001 East Lohman Avenue #103, 523-9311
Mexican and American: B L D

Mesitas Del Comedor
2460 Locust, 522-0733

Meson De Mesilla
1803 Avenida De Mesilla, 525-9212
French: D

Metropolitan Deli
1001 University Avenue, 522-3354
Sandwiches: B L D

Mi Pueblito
1355 East Idaho Avenue, 524-3009
Mexican: B L D

Mi Rinconcito
1605 South Solano Drive, 532-1091
Mexican: B L

Milagro Coffee Y Espresso
1733 East University Avenue, 532-1042
Coffeehouse: B L D

Mix Pacific Rim Cuisine and Mix Express
1001 East University Avenue #D4, 532-2042
Asian, Pacific and Latin American: L D

Moongate Cafe
705 East Us Hwy 70, 382-5744
Coffeeshop and Mexican: B L D

Museum Grill
4100 Dripping Springs Road
(NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum), 532-3335
Steakhouse: L

My Brother's Place
336 South Main Street, 523-7681
Mexican: L D

Nellie's Cafe
1226 West Hadley Avenue, 524-9982
Mexican: B L D

New China
850 North Telshor Blvd, 522-8989
Chinese: L D

Nopalito Restaurant
2605 Missouri Avenue, 522-0440
Mexican: L D

Nopalito Restaurant
310 South Mesquite Street, 524-0003
Mexican: L D

Old Town Restaurant
155 South Valley Drive, 523-4586
Mexican and American: B L D

Oriental King
2404 South Locust Street, 521-4613
Chinese: L D

Oriental Palace
225 East Idaho, 526-4864
Chinese: L

Pancho Villa's Border Cafe
201 East University Avenue (In Ramada Inn), 526- 4411
Mexican and American: B L D

Pancake Alley Diner
2146 West Picacho Avenue, 647-4836
American: B L D

Parker's BBQ
850 East Madrid Avenue, 541-5712
Barbecue: L D

Pepe's Chicken
2300 North Main Street, 528-0000
Chicken and Mexican: L D

1405 West Picacho, 541 - 0277
Mexican: B L D

Pepper Mill
141 Roadrunner Blvd, Suite 115, 522-7300

Peppers On The Plaza
2355 Calle De Guadalupe, 523-6700
Southwestern: L D

Pit Streetop Cafe
361 South Motel Blvd, 527-1993
Mexican and American: B L D

Planet Cafe
1690 South Valley (Inside World Gym), 523-4437
Wraps, Salads, Juice Bar

Planet Cafe
2293 Divot Drive, 525-8009
Wraps, Salads, Juice Bar

Player's Grill
3000 Champions Drive (Nmsu Golf Course Clubhouse), 646-2457
American: B L D

Pullaro's Italian Restaurant
901 West Picacho Avenue, 523-6801
Italian: L D

Ranchway Barbeque
604 North Valley Drive, 523-7361
Barbecue and Mexican: B L D

Red Mountain Cafe
1120 Commerce Drive #A, 522-7584
American and Eclectic: B L D

Renee's Place
3000 Harrelson, 526-4878

Roberto's Mexican Food
908 East Amador Avenue, 523-1851
Mexican: B L D

Saenz Gorditas
1700 North Solano Dr, 527-4212
Mexican: B L D

The Shed / Old Mesilla Pastry Cafe
810 South Valley Drive, 525-2636
American, Pizza, Mexican, Desserts B L D

Si Italian Bistro
523 East Idaho, 523-1572
Italian: L D

Si Senor
1551 East Amador Avenue, 527-0817
Mexican: L D

Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
3900 West Picacho Avenue, 524-7102
Barbecue: L and Early D

Spanish Kitchen
2960 North Main Street, 526-4275
Mexican: B L D

Spirit Winds
2260 South Locust Street, 5211222
Sandwiches and Bakery: B L D

Streetimulations Espresso
1001 University Avenue

Subbie's Sandwich & Salad Factory
455 North Valley Drive, 525-0033
Sandwiches and Salads: L D

Sugar Daddy's B-B-QUE
122 Avenida De Mesilla, 644-6495

Sunset Grill
1274 Golf Club Road (Sonoma Ranch Golf Course Clubhouse), 521-1826
American, Steak and Burgers: B L D

Tegmeyer's Salad Works
1300 El Paseo Road #E, 525-2323
Salads and Buffet: L D

Telshor Deli
900 5 Telshor, 521-1707
Deli, Sandwichs: B L D

Teriyaki Chicken House
805 El Paseo Road, 541-1696
Japanese: L D

Tiffany's Pizza & Greek American Cusine
755 South Telshor Blvd #G1, 532-5002
Pizza, Greek and Deli: B L D

Tommy's Cake Shop and Cafe
1609 El Paseo Road, 526-6599
Desserts, Cafe B L D

Tony's Restaurante Las Cruces
125 South Campo Street, 524-9662 Italian: B L

Twisters Grill
800 South Telshor Blvd, 522-0446
Mexican and American: B L D

Valley Grill
1970 North Valley, 525-9000
American: B L D, Friday Fish Fry

Ventana Terrace
705 South Telshor (Inside The Hilton), 522-4300
Southwestern, Steak and Seafood: B L D and Sunday Champagne Brunch

Villa Crema
2331-B East Lohman, 525-3400
Desserts and Gelato


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